Migrating to Ymple

This document covers the migration to Ymple with or without an existing E-Commerce solution

Migration to Ymple from one existing E-Commerce Platform

Ymple is compatible with the main E-Commerce platform like Shopify , Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, ...
One feature of export / import is available to manage the product, customer in the section Export / Import -> Product
This feature allows you to easily migrate all your product and customer base into Ymple. You will save time to start selling.

Product Export

The product export allows you to retrieve all the product information from Ymple. It contains the product references, price, qty.
The export format is csv file using the export button.

Product Import

The import format is csv file using the import button.
There is a specific format to respect to be able to import product. To have the template or example of file you can export products from Ymple via the product export functionality.

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