Connect Amazon Marketplace

This document covers the connection of the Amazon Marketplace with Ymple

Steps to connect the Amazon Marketplace to Ymple

The connection to Ymple is done via the Application available on the Selling Partner Appstore.
More details are available on this link : Selling Partner Appstore

1 - Connect the Ymple Application to an Amazon Marketplace of your choice ( IT, DE, FR, ... ) using the following link : Registration Link

2 - Copy the parameters spapi_oauth_code, state and selling_partner_id and send them to your main contact at Ymple.

Here is an example of expected value:
spapi_oauth_code : RH****
state : ex****
selling_partner_id : A2****

3 - Once received and tested by Ymple, you will receive a confirmation that the connection is completed via email. The confirmation takes less than 24 hours.

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